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Welcome and thanks for your interest in I'm Here!.
This web application is the result of a sub-project which is part of the more global one called GMapify. Feel free to explore this website full of maps and geodata. Maybe you could find other interesting stuff ;)

Olivier G.


NEW on the blog (Oct. 12th, 2010): A new ViaMichelin Web Mapping product: the JavaScript API V2

Welcome to I'm here! web application.
It's a great utility to share your geolocation live on a map with family, friends, colleague or, if you want to, with everybody who comes here. You can also share your current activity (running, shopping, working,...) with them.
Imagine all the cool things you can do with this tool: track your young child, estimate correctly the delay of your friends, organize a location based games (LBG),...
Once signed in, you have full control on the sharing of your geolocation with other members.
I'm here! is a software that displays and uses your geolocation, relying on the wonderful Yahoo! service called Fire Eagle. That's why you need a Fire Eagle account before creating an I'm here! account.

This app comes in 2 flavours: the big screen one (this page!) and the mobile phone one.

I hope you have fun using I'm here! as I had fun creating it...

:Initial release

Added:refresh management

Added:sessions and visibility filtering

Changed:refresh algorithm

Added:Street View

Frequently Asked Questions

#How can I share my geolocation with my friend?

First your friends need to have an I'm here! account.
Sign in then find your friends in the Hidden from field where all new users are by default. Move them in the Visible to field. Et voilĂ , they'll see you when connected :)
Note that sharing is always one way: your friends see you but you don't see them if they don't allow you to.

#How can I prevent users from seing my geolocation?

Quite simple too: sign in then remove all users from the Visible to field.

#How can I prevent this app from accessing my location?

You've got 2 options:
-at Fire Eagle level to prevent it from sharing your geolocation with I'm here!.
-at I'm here! level to delete your profile. Sign in then use the Delete profile link located in the right panel.

#How can I use my mobile phone?

First you tell Fire Eagle where you are then Fire Eagle tells I'm here! where you are.
The first step can be done manually on a mobile oriented Fire Eagle interface or automatically using an embedded application on your mobile phone (for exemple see the Fire Eagle Mobile Updater for java plateform).
The second step of locating your friends on your mobile phone can be done on a mobile oriented I'm here! interface

#How works I'm here!

Geolocation is provided by Fire Eagle. It's a Yahoo! service which allows anyone to share his location information with applications. I'm here! mashup retrieves locations of registered users at page load and displays them on a Google Map. It uses a MySQL DB to store user IDs (Fire Eagle users), (location, activity) mapping table and visibility allowances.

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Privacy Policy

I, Olbibigo, as the creator of I'm here! mashup treats your personal information seriously.

I'm here! is fully compliant with the Fire eagle Developer Code of Conduct

I'm here! does NOT share your location with any other parties.

I'm here! does NOT store your location history in any form. Nevertheless it stores your (location, activity) dictionary if you decide to fill it up.

I'm here! provide you with a function to delete 100% of your data.

I'm here! is not used commercially.